In 2018, TOUGH GORILLA went from a quick idea to an well established brand. Founded by two extremely driven and determined partners whos passion lies in competitive sports with a belief that TOUGH GORILLA is exactly what the UK was missing.

With the strength of having years of combined experience in tough competitive sports quickly gaining partners in the industry and working with the leading cutting edge manifacturers this gave us the ultimate advantege! We are comited to countless hours of working around the clock researching the advanced technologies and the latest scienfically proving materials for our all our  projects. Battle-Tested before we get the green light our projects are put through extreme conditioins until we are 100% satisfied.

Tough Gorilla is dedicated to the highest quality of gear delivered with honesty, authenticity and originality. We are determined to offer not only a brand but also an experience and a communitity you can be a part of,  A lifestyle that is a source of encouragement for a journey through the tough path. We belive champions are born every day We believe in supporting champions every day. We're driven to accomplish goals and help you accomplish yours,
  • The goal is always to innovate and create the toughest products not just a another logo but tried and tested products built to withstand the tough sports they belong in.
  • It is a lifestyle, existing to encourage tough people through tough sports, creating champions in everyday-life.
  • Join us and build a legacy.


When you go to war we want to support you with the toughest perfomance wear using cutting edge materials


Real champions fight through adversity.


Be the best in the game supporting UNITED KINGDOM